12 Value Arenas to be Company Transaction Ready

20 November 2017

Some of the key issues every business owner or CEO must address to become transaction ready:

  1. Sales growth trend analysis
  2. Diverse and growing customer mix
  3. Strength of sales backlog with production strategies
  4. Covered market niche
  5. Strong branding and reputation in products and services
  6. Highly skilled, efficient, engaged and loyal workforce
  7. Solid vendor or supplier relationships
  8. Product differentiation
  9. Product innovation
  10. Dynamic management team that can transition to the new owner by modern work-flow systems
  11. Robust monitoring and operation dashboards that enhance profitability drivers and defend barriers to competitive entry
  12. Strong company culture and customer ambassadors

If you are considering a divestment (or acquisition), you must allow sufficient time to prepare for a transaction to correct any issues and build incremental value.

About: empicial pi is a boutique professional services group providing multi-disciplinary, cross-sector advice. In conjunction with market leaders, empirical pi takes pride to deliver independent and unanchored considerations that are always actionable to propel strategies for local, national and international arenas.

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