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Although the most intriguing number in all of mathematics, pi serves to inspire. This most famous irrational number has provided cadence to theories, models, intuition and data. 

By a similar approach, empirical pi exists to support corporate and capital markets executive to strengthen the bounds of their focus and at times, refine their mandates.

Serving in functions as professional Corporate Advisors or Management Consultants, the empirical pi group saves clients from the chaos and elusiveness of pi type markets with evidence based, concise frameworks.


In conjunction with nominated market leaders, empirical pi takes pride to deliver independent and unanchored considerations that are always actionable to propel strategies for local, national and/or international arenas.  

The best engagements are those that are cultivated, maintain target focus, empower dynamic capabilities, are market aware and diligenced effectively.  

Typical appraisal of a potential client mandate (Strategic or Financial) requires the following to be addressed:

  1. What is the Goal and Intent? 
  2. Which Stakeholders are available to contribute?
  3. What are the critical and priority Outputs?
  4. Is further Research, Sensitivity or Decision Analysis required to assumptions? 
  5. Is Efficient Capital committed and mapped to satisfy Resource Gaps? 
  6. How developed are Integration and Retention plans to capture Synergy?
  7. What levels of Stress Testing should be undertaken?
  8. Which key items of the final Deliverable should be elevated and circulated?

If you have a business or capital markets complexity, we look forward to sharing perspective and applying a path forward.

Welcome & Best Regards,

Phillip A. Inberg   BBus, MBA, JD, MAICD.
Principal Advisor